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Rotating Riser Brush Tool “TOUGH BOY” TM Riser Brush Tool

Description / Application

Sharp Razor(SR) Riser Brush Tool is a well bore clean-up tool designed to clean the inside of risers periodically during drilling or during the completion phase of a well. The tool has brush components to scour the ID of each riser joint and each connector. The one-piece body is full strength and has drill pipe connections for direct insertion into the drill string. This robust brush tool is stabilized slightly below drift diameter of the riser to aid in centralization of the drill string.


SR Riser Brush Tool is run as an integral part of the drill string to clean the riser as the pipe is run into and pulled out of the well. It can be run with the clean-up string and remain in the riser during the clean-up circulation. It may be short tripped in the well at the beginning or at the end of the clean-up operation. The riser brush tool can be rotated without fear of damage to the riser or the tool. The operational parameters of this tool are compatible with the entire SR Well Bore Clean-out Tool line.

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