Wellbore Cleanup and Displacement

No Motor Required for Rotary BHA

After a well is drilled and cemented, any excess cement must be

drilled out and removed. The SHARP RAZOR CleanWell system includes rotational

tools with torsion and tension limits that meet or exceed the

workstring. This allows the tools to be run as a rotary bottomhole

assembly with no motor required for drilling out cement.

Ensure Tight Seal and Proper Drift

SHARP RAZOR CleanWell tools effectively scrape and clean packer setting areas

while restoring casing drift. This ensures that production packers

will seal correctly and gives the operator confidence to run tight-

tolerance completion equipment.

Reduce Time Needed for Negative Test

Before production begins, operators need to perform a negative

inflow test on the liner, liner hanger and cement integrity.

The Inflow Tech® test packer can be rotated, allowing it to be

integrated in the single-trip system. This can potentially help

eliminate a dedicated negative test trip and greatly reduce the

time required to test the well.

Streamline Displacement Operations

Once the operator is ready to begin completions, the drilling mud

must be displaced with completion brine. The Bristle Tech® tool

uses brushes to remove traces of drilling fluid from the casing.

The SHARP RAZOR filter can mechanically remove debris that is not

circulated out in the mud.

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