Drilling and cement job


applications are common in preparation for plug and abandonment,

window mill cutting runs, and pre-liner-running cleanout trips

Ensure Long-Term Reliability for P&A

When a well reaches the end of its useful life, plug and

abandonment (P&A) operations help ensure that the well is safely

sealed off. The  CLEANTech casing scraper can help remove debris

from the wellbore, giving operators confidence that packers set

during P&A runs seal correctly.

Quickly Capture Debris from Window Mill Cutting

Window mill cutting runs generate a large volume of metallic

debris. The Giant-Mag® magnet tool has proven capable of

recovering more than 250 pounds of ferrous debris in a single

run. This allows the operator to recover as much debris as

possible during the milling operation, preventing most debris

from reaching the blowout preventer (BOP) and surface system

while reducing the need for additional cleanout trips.

Prepare Liner Hanger Setting Area for Secure Seal

Before deploying liners, operators need to ensure that the setting

area is clean so the liner hanger can seal correctly. The Drill Tech®

scrapers and Giant magnet tools are run along with a Spiral

Mill to create a single-trip solution for preparing the wellbore for

liner hanger operations

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