GVHD I-MagTM is a heavy duty wellbore clean-up magnet
GVHD I-MagTM is a heavy duty wellbore clean-up magnet

GVHD I-MagTM is a heavy duty wellbore clean-up magnet

GVHD I-MagTM is a heavy duty wellbore clean-up magnet...

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GVHD I-MagTM is a heavy duty wellbore clean-up magnet suitable for all downhole conditions and
with robust, high capability features.

Run separately or as part of a comprehensive wellbore clean-up, the GVHD I-Mag
TM is designed
to fishing ferrous metal debris in the wellbore.
The magnetic inserts are arranged along ribs to create a debris trap, by encouraging
fluid flow
between the ribs, maximizing magnet exposure. The magnetic inserts held in tongued grooves
securely and cannot come loose downhole.

Non-rotating sleeves are mounted on alloy bronze bearings, featuring both axial and radial
elements, to allow extended rotation in harsh environments, preventing tool and casing wear.
16 rows of magnets arranged to trap and retain debris in the wellbore
Helically twisted body provides offset for magnets to increase effective area
Centralizers provide centralization and rotation of the tool body without casing wear
Non rotating design with high performance alloy bronze bearings compatible with high
temperature and chemical applications
Available with all API and premium drill pipe connections
A properly executed wellbore clean-up mitigates risk during completion operations and the
productivity of the well.
Prevent metal debris related completion failure
Remove swarf, perforation debris and other metal debris from the wellbore
Pre-completion wellbore clean-up
Workovers and sidetracking
Drilling / milling cement plugs

The GVHD I-Mag
TM can be run alone or as part of a comprehensive wellbore clean-up BHA. It is
typically run in a BHA above a casing scraper and brushes as it complements the hard
scraping/brushing action to remove ferrous debris from the wellbore.
The GVHD I-Mag
TM is centered in the casing by two non-rotating Centralizers.
These guide and centralize the tool, which allows extended rotation without wearing
the casing.Magnet1.jpgWhile running in the hole or circulating, the well
fluid passes along channels between the
magnetized ribs capturing ferrous debris. The ribs also prevent debris from being knocked off
while circulating or tripping.
The robust tool design, non-rotating centralizers and large debris capacity allow milling of packers,
or clean-up of casing windows, to be simple and efficient.
Once at surface the magnets can be easily cleaned to allow the tool to be re-run

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