Post-Perforation Runs


Remove Debris and Retrieve Packer Plugs in a Single Run

The CLEANTech  system can efficiently remove sand, cement,

cuttings and other perforation debris that settles on top of packer

plugs. Because the Vac Tech system is designed to be run in

conjunction with other plug retrieval tools, operators have the

ability to remove debris and retrieve packers in a single run.

Protect Fragile Completion Equipment

The  CLEANTech  deburr mill uses the same proven design as

the Drill Tech scraper, but includes customized scraper blades

and smooth OD tungsten carbide stabilizer sleeves. This allows

packers and other relatively fragile completion equipment to be

safely run through perforation zones.

Quickly Remove Perforation Debris

Giant-Mag® magnets are used to recover ferrous debris from

perforated casing or from the perforating guns themselves.

This allows the operator to improve the reliability of packers by

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