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Description / Application

The Perfburr Cutter is manufactured by Sharp Razor. Bilco Tools, Inc. It is designed to remove perforation burrs to ensure the safe passage of completion equipment in perforated casing and liners.

It is a one-piece mandrel that works perfectly by performing a dual function of scraping and cutting all of the perforation burrs. This double action tool functions as a cutter of burrs and dressing of the perforated casing area allowing safe passage of completion tools. It is designed to deactivate as soon as rotation timing for cleaning and milling operations are completed. This is done by the collapse of internal support springs that will allow the cutter blades to recess in the blade slots and to prevent the blades from touching the casing or liner ID. It allows maximum circulation even after the cutting blades have been recessed in the blade slots.

This dual action tool can be dressed to deactivate at any desired time depending on the rate of rotation from 30minutes to 4 hours as per customers request.


 One-piece mandrel with two sectional blades slots (top and bottom)

 Combination of Scraping Blades at the top and Carbide Cutter Blade at the bottom.

 Cleans by rotation or reciprocation.

 Allows rotation up to 120 rpm’s

 Can be dressed to all sizes of casing and liners

 Milling Blade can be designed to be deactivated by rotation timing to minimize casing wear during periods of prolonged rotation.


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