Rotating or Reciprocating CASING SCRAPER

Rotating or Reciprocating CASING SCRAPER


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For Rotating or Reciprocating 

Description / Application Tough BoyTM 

The Casing Scrapers are designed to provide  100% coverage of the inner wall of casing and liners.  The 45-degree left and right hand blade design is  contoured to the exact fit of the casing. This tool is very  effective in the removal of mud cake, cement sheath,  pipe scale and shot burrs. The scraper is  recommended for use in all drilling applications as well  as clean-out / displacement assemblies. The one piece  tool body is manufactured from, high-alloy steel and has  the highest operating parameters in the industry. The  blades are precision cast and surface casehardened to  55-60 HRC. The design allows you to rotate 100 RPM’s or more while milling out cement and delivers  reliability, minimum up keep and easy on site  maintenance. 


It is recommended that this tool be run immediately  above the bit on drilling or completion operations. If  there is anticipated drilling of landing or float collars  then the appropriate milling tool (string, watermelon,  etc) should be added to create the proper dress  assembly. For completion operations, it is  recommended that a full-body casing scraper be spaced  to reach bottom of all casings. Tough BoyTM Brush  Tools can be spaced above to further scour and prepare  casing ID’s for fluid exchange and production  equipment. The scraper design is available from 2 3 /8” tubing to 20” casing. Note: Standard scrapers are manufactured to run pin  up. This design allows bit or mill to be made up on  bottom and orients cutting edge of blades down hole.

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