MAGSun™ HD Casing Magnet

MAGSun™ HD Casing Magnet

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MAGSun™ HD Casing Magnet

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The MAGSun™ HD Casing Magnet is a robust, high strength,  super capacity casing magnet with a free-rotating centralizer.  It can be run individually or modular-ly as part of the Sharp Razor wellbore cleanup solution. TheMAGSun™ HD Casing Magnet can be adapted to suit any casing size and drill pipe combination.

3 longitudinal ribs houses rows of high strength and temperature resistant Rare Earth magnets

Excellent bypass area and carrying capability

Debris is securely retained for retrieval at surface

Single piece mandrel for superior strength in heavy duty and high torque applications

Optional non-rotating Centralizer minimizes casing and tool wear

Magnets are securely retained in integral slots with redundant back-up for maximum security

Easily cleaned at surface to allow re-running in the hole

No external bolts, clamps or fasteners that can come loose downhole

Cost savings

High Density magnet arrangement requires less tools and less runs to clean the wellbore during 

heavy milling operations


Increases Well Productivity 

A properly executed wellbore clean-up removes ferrous debris which can block screens or

interfere with sensitive completions equipment



High strength mandrel with no internal connections for strength and reliability

Available with any proprietary high torque connections eliminating the need for crossovers 

which reduce string integrity 

Reducing Non-Productive Time 

A robust wellbore clean-up is proven to reduce nonproductive time during the completion of the well

Reduces premature failure of completion equipment by debris which can interfere with valves, electronics and other hardware

Pre-completion wellbore clean-up operations to remove ferrous debris

Drill out of completion equipment

Post-milling operations

Riser/BOP clean-up

The MAGStar4TM HD Casing Magnet can be run standalone or part of a wellbore or riser/BOP clean-up string

The MAGStar4TM HD Casing Magnet is typically run above scrapers  and/or filter debris recovery tools in a wellbore or riser/BOP clean-up

Whilst running in hole the active magnets will attract and retain and ferrous material

During displacement the drillstring can be rotated and reciprocated to improve hole cleaning efficiency without fear of damage to the casing, drillpipe or MAGSun™ HD Casing Magnet. 

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