SR™ Casing Brush

SR™ Casing Brush

SR™ Casing Brush is usually used with casing scraper to remove the debris……...

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NON rotating Casing Brush Clean the full ID of the casing with robust bristles
The  casing brush is a mechanical aid for cleaning wellbore casings.

The brush consists of a one-piece body, nonrotating stabilizer sleeves, and a flexible, nonrotating lantern. While the lantern provides the force to contact and clean the interior diameter of the pipe and holds the bristles, the stabilizer sleeves protect the casing from wear and damage from the body as it rotates—and also protects the bristles from needless wear.

The spring steel bristle wires are mounted in the lantern. Brass bristles are also available for chrome casings.

High-strength design
Single-piece, high-strength mandrel
Top- and bottom-mounted stabilizers for centralization
Connectionless internal design
Nonrotating stabilizer sleeves and lantern avoid wear or casing and bristle damage
Available in all common casing sizes
Reduces NPT
Ensures surfaces are free of debris before running completion equipment
Cleans the entire 360° of pipe in any deviation

Nominal Size 3.938in

Nominal and Checked Dimensions
Box Conn.2.375 REGInternal Conn.11.938-4-2G(2S)STUB ACMEPin Conn.2.375 REG
Box OD3.125 inMUT IC13520 ft.lbsPin OD3.125 in
Box MUT3,400 ft.lbsTool Min.ID1000 inPin MUT3400 ft.lbs
Overall Length 69.6 inTool Drift Dla.0.875 inPin ID1000 in
Upper Stabilizer OD3.938 inFlexible OD4.968 in.Lower Stabilizer OD3.938 in
Mill ODN/A in.

General Operational Information
Weight145 lbstorsional yield5,149 ft.lbs

TFA trough tool0.785 in2tensile yield185,897 lbs

Temperature Rating 350°FCollapse Pressure39,813 psi

TFA around tool6.820 in2Burst Pressure50,394 psi

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