Maud Mag dual Magnet
Maud Mag dual Magnet

Maud Mag dual Magnet

Maud Mag dual Magnet...

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Maud Mag dual Magnet

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The Maud-Mag dual Magnet is rated as the highest capacity downhole debris magnet on the market.

The Maud Mag dual Magnet in a compact size to allow for quick and easy field installation. It’s an economical solution for applications that doesn’t compromise performance or debris capacity.

The Maud-Mag dual Magnet is equipped with powerful neodymium bar magnets, and is designed to collect ferrous and non-ferrous debris that has become magnetically charged during pipe rotation and other movement during displacement, drilling, or intervention runs. Fashioned from integral drill collar bar stock with high-tensile, high-torsion strength, the tool has a large inside diameter to minimize pressure loss and lat recessed sections to maximize debris collection.

The Maud-Mag dual Magnet can be deployed with other CleanUp tools in displacement cleanout runs, and it’s ideal where large amounts of ferrous material are produced or anticipated, like window milling or post-perforation cleanouts when low rates are limited due to fluid loss.

High-strength neodymium bar magnets

High-tensile, high-torsion strength

Integral mandrel and no internal connections

Large inside diameter minimizes pressure loss

Abundant total low area provides optimal fluid low, even when at full debris capacity, by alternating between its magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces 

Small integral stabilizers maximize the low area and the capability to operate in a wide range of casing sizes without changing components 

Efficient complete cleanup in minutes on the rig floor or after laying down

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