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Clean-Out  Scraper(s) (NonRotating) 

Non-rotating feature scrapers is a must (free rotation of mandrel without  rotating the scraper blades) to eliminate the risk of casing wear / damage  from blades during rotation.  

These scrapers will form the bulk of what will be used by Company.  Existence of stabilizer(s) are mandatory  Blades should be made from special material of non-damaging effect for  Casing(s) to prevent potential damage in the scraper blades.  

Scraper must be rigid enough with enough sharp edge that enables  removal of any scale, debris & solids from inside the CSG.  It’s highly preferable the scraper mandrel to be as integral one piece which  helps giving heavy duty support for the operations and in case twisted off,  it can be fished as one piece and not several loose pieces which will need  extra fishing runs affecting the overall drilling NPT.  Scraper blades should cover 3600 of the wellbore inside diameter with  centralization feature to help the blades clean the wellbore inside diameter  (overlap of the blades is more desirable).  

To cover all casing size range from 4 1/2” – 18 5/8" needed for Gas Wells.  Scrapers should have high side force against casing to ensure the  presence of equal cleaning force for all hole inclinations up to 900 which  should improve the removal of any cement sheath, pipe scale, etc...  Blades design should support against lost in hole during excessive hole  cleaning.

Contractor(s) to give their preventive maintenance plan, periodical  inspection schedule for checking the Contractor Items on board especially  for sizes planned to stay for a long time on board to ensure the scraper fit  the purpose.  Scraper surface element should cover as large an area as possible in  order to ensure better hole scraping inside casing(s).  

provide 1 year of manufacturing warranty to all supplied equipment and tools during  which manufacturer shall provide technical support, spares and replacement of any  malfunction part(s) of equipment or to replace the entire equipment/tool subject to issue if  required

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