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VACS Debris Basket

Capture debris downhole in one trip for reduced NPT

The Sharp Razor vectored annular cleaning system (VACS) debris basket captures debris downhole. It can be used in a variety of applications such as post-perforation sump packer cleaning, one-trip packer milling, and one-trip plug and packer retrieving. VACS technology has an outstanding record of success in saving time and costs through more than a decade of use in wellbore cleanup (WBCU) and fishing operations.

The VACS debris basket consists of a jet bushing, a drive sub, several joints of washpipe, triple- connection bushing, Baker Hughes screen joints and bushing, and a diverter tube and cap. As conventional circulation pushes fluid through the jet nozzles, the VACS system produces a suction pressure at the base of the debris basket. This induced pressure differential pulls any debris from the well into the debris basket.

The VACS debris basket is ideal for keeping small debris from accumulating inside a subsea blowout preventer stack, reaching surface where it can damage rig equipment, or becoming suspended in fluids. The VACS system requires low pump rate, minimizing impact to the formation.


Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells

Shallow or deep wells

Deep water

High-pressure/high-temperature environments

Wells with partial or total lost circulation

Wells with fluids exhibiting poor debris-carrying capability

Wells with weak formations

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful jet bushing

  • Creates reverse circulation to facilitate debris collection

  • Washpipe

  • Forms debris chamber

  • Can be added to increase debris-carrying capacity

  • Engineered diverter cap

  • Deflects debris into debris chamber

  • Prevents fine debris from reaching the screen

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