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SP Full-Cycle Ball-Activated BOP Jet Sub

Ensure BOP cleanliness while maintaining well control

The Sharp Razor SP full-cycle ball-activated blowout preventer (BOP) jet sub is used to clean the valves in the BOP through high-rate jetting. It can be run with a wide variety of Baker Hughes tools to perform one-trip well cleanup.

The jet sub uses a dual-piston design adapted from the full function valve. The tool is run into the hole in the closed position, allowing circulation through the bottom of the string. After all other necessary operations are completed, a ball is dropped down the drillstring to the lower piston. Additional pump pressure shears the lower piston, allowing circulation through the side ports and nozzles to the annulus. This function allows for effective cleaning of the BOP stack.

After the BOP jetting operation is performed, a second ball can be dropped to shear the upper piston, sealing the circulation ports and directing all flow through the drillstring below. This allows for enhanced well control by allowing the operator to seal off flow to the annulus at any time during operation. Furthermore, a positive lock feature prevents the sleeve from shifting open in case a well kick does occur.


Shallow and deep water

BOP cleaning

Wellbore cleanup


Features and Benefits

  • Dual-piston design

  • Provides full open-close cycle

  • Enhances well control

  • One-trip cleaning system

  • Saves time and cost

  • Positive lock on upper piston

  • Prevents flow to the annulus if a well kick occurs

  • Threaded jet nozzles

  • Add flexibility

  • Simplify maintenance and replacement

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