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VACS Junk Catcher

Effectively recover large junk from the well bottom with high-power system

The Sharp Razor vectored annular cleaning system (VACS) junk catcher is extremely powerful in large junk or debris retrieval or fishing operations involving bit cones, chains, tools, and other large objects. The field-proven Sharp Razor VACS portfolio has demonstrated reliability through more than a decade of successful operations.

The VACS junk catcher operates on the principle of convective acceleration to recover junk from the well bottom. Fluid exiting the ports of the jet bushing creates suction at the base of the tool, pulling in any loose debris from the well bottom into the debris chamber, where it is held by the tool’s junk catchers. An optional ball-drop feature allows circulation through the tool to clean the top of the fish before reverse circulation is begun.

The VACS junk catcher is placed at the bottom of the workstring. The one-directional finger catcher design ensures that large junk is fully secured in the tool until disassembly. The junk catcher can be used with other Sharp Razor tools such as magnets and circulation subs to enhance operations in fishing and wellbore cleanup applications. It requires low pump rate, minimizing impact to the formation.


Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells

Shallow or deep wells

Openhole or cased hole

Deep water

High-pressure/high-temperature environments

Debris recovery

Junk retrieval


Features and Benefits

  • Powerful jet bushing

  • Creates reverse circulation for optimal debris removal

  • Flexible system

  • Allows for adaptability during operation

  • Washpipe connections at jet bushing

  • Allow for tool extension

  • Optional ball-drop feature

  • Allows for circulation through tool before engaging jetting function

  • Simple, efficient design

  • Covers nearly all casing and hole sizes

  • Operates with simple procedures for added reliability

  • Allows for quick assembly and disassembly

  • Minimizes maintenance requirements

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