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BOP Jetting SUB

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BOP Jetting SUB can either be short tripped into the well or run as part of a comprehensive wellbore cleanup string. When required, the BOP Jetting SUB is positioned at the BOP or Wellhead depth. The Activation Dart is dropped into the string which lands on the Shear-able Sleeve. Pressure is applied to shift the Shear-able Sleeve and allow circulation through the Jetting Nozzles. For surface BOP stacks, it is not always necessary to install the Shear-able sleeve, and it can be run in an open position and short tripped into the well. To jet the BOP stack, it is typical to pump at 10 BPM while slowly rotating the string, making 3 passes across the BOP stack and wellhead. It is recommended to reduce the circulation rate to 5 BPM while jetting the annular to prevent damage. Functioning the annular or BOP rams (not shear rams) can help dislodge any debris. It is recommended to run a junk catcher tool below to catch any dislodged debris that may fall down the well while jetting the BOP stack

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