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Baker Huges X-Treme well cleaning system

Pub Date:Mar 21,2019    |    Views:606    |    

Baker Hughes as a leading internation oilfield services company,has develop a lot of new technologies ,new tools to service this industry better.

We’re here today to introduce Baker Hughes X-Treme well cleaning system.It is mainly composed of casing scraper, casing brush, magnetic fishing tool and drill bit. Modular design, flexible assembly according to your needs, easy to use. It is mainly used to clean the wellbore before completion operation. At the same time, it can also be used in the case that there is a lot of debris in the wellbore, which needs to be cleaned due to the falling of block on the wellbore, sand sinking and milling falling objects, etc. It is widely used in ultra-deep Wells, directional Wells and deep water drilling, etc., which can significantly reduce the complex time. Improve production efficiency.


We Sharprazor has similar tools.Our Grand-Mix(GM) Combination casing cleaning tool,it is combination tools of casing scraper ,casing brush and magnet.One tools carries three parts in one mandrel.Available with any tubing connection to run directly on the completion tubing.


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