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Type B Boot Basket

Remove debris economically and reliably

The Sharp Razor Type B boot basket traps debris that is too large to circulate out of the hole during drilling, milling, or junk fishing operations. The boot basket traps junk by producing a sudden decrease in annular velocity when the debris passes the larger outside diameter (OD) of the boot, reaching the smaller OD of the body and top connection.

It is normally run as close as possible to the mill, bit, or junk basket. Additional boot baskets can be run in tandem to increase the junk-catching capacity. The boot baskets are constructed from heat-treated alloy steel and can be ordered with 18-in- (457.2-mm) or 36-in.- (914.4-mm) long baskets.

The Type B boot basket is available in sizes from 14/5-in. to 133/8-in. OD.


Unconventional hydrocarbons

Conventional oil and gas

Wellbore cleanup


Debris recovery

Features and Benefits

  • Simple design with no moving parts

  • Ensures easy and reliable operation

  • High torsional and buckling strength

  • Reduces operating risk

  • Box-down, pin-up design

  • Allows boot basket to be run directly above a mill or bit

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