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 . Scrapper: 4.5”, 7”, 9 5/8”, 13 3/8”.  b. Brush: 7”, 9 5/8”.

c. Jar: 4 ¾”, 6.5”.  d. String Mill: for sizes4.5”, 7”, 9 5/8”. 

Quality Management  Quality Assurance and Quality Control 

 a)provide a quality manual that will include but not be limited to maintenance, quality  assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) to perform the Work.  b) Contractor shall provide and show standard inspections and maintenance interval in their QA/QC  document. 

Design drawing and specifications, maintenance and inspection history, operating history  and certificate of performance / calibration test reports shall also be made available.  c) 

 comply with the ADNOC QA/QC requirements.  d) Contractor shall provide a comprehensive methodology/project management plan, detailing  utilization of committed resources.  

e) Contractor to provide  i. Supplier to be certified on ISO 29001:2020 or API Q1  ii. Drawings for tools to be submitted as part of the tender  iii. Spare Parts BOM to be send for each tool  iv. COC with traceability documentation for each component  v. 

All API threads to have certification for API SPEC 5B  f) A comprehensive methodology/project management plan in respect of the Work shall be provided:  i. 

Maintenance programs to meet Contractor Item requirements of the Work in a timely manner.  ii. Troubleshooting assistance.   Project knowledge management and sharing to assure continuous improvement and  prevention of failures through the incorporation of past experiences and learning.  iv. Service quality/performance management.  v.

 Any other supporting documents as appropriate.

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