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The provision of wellbore clean-out equipment

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The provision of wellbore clean-out equipment includes the provision of the Contractor Items, as detailed,  necessary for the efficient performance of wellbore clean-out services and all other ancillary Work.  Each Contractor is requested to submit full and complete technical specifications and particulars of the  Contractor Items, including capabilities and proven performance history (offshore, onshore, local, regional  and international) for technical evaluation.  Tools are required to fit with necessary cross overs (but not limited to) the following casing sizes:   18-5/8” casing 106 ppf   13-3/8” casing 68 ppf   10-3/4” casing 55.5 ppf   9-5/8” casing 53.5 ppf   9-5/8” casing 47 ppf   7” liner 29 ppf   6-5/8” Liner 24 ppf   4 1/2” Liner 12.6 ppf

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