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Washpipe Boot Basket

Recover debris reliably and economically

The Sharp Razor washpipe boot basket has multiple functions in a washover assembly—like the standard boot basket, it traps debris too large to be circulated out. The washpipe connection eliminates the need for a crossover brushing. The washpipe boot basket with the third inner connection is used for packer milling and recovery operations. In both operations, components of the bottomhole assembly (BHA) are eliminated, reducing the risk of BHA failure.

It is available in 4 1/2-in., 5 3/4-in., and 8 3/8-in. outside diameters, and the inner connections are available with eight round or packer retrieving tool connections. The washpipe boot basket should be run as close as possible to the mill. Additional boot baskets can be run in tandem to increase the junk-catching capacity.


Unconventional hydrocarbons

Conventional oil and gas

Wellbore cleanup


Debris recovery

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces crossovers in workstring

  • Increases reliability

  • Simple design with no moving parts

  • Ensures easy and reliable operation

  • High torsional and buckling strength

  • Reduces operating risk

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