Wellhead Jet Tool

Wellhead Jet Tool


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Sharp Razor(SR)’s Wellhead Jetting Tool is a simple, but effective jetting tool designed to clean risers, BOP’s, wellheads, and casing/tubing hanger areas. The tool is a one-piece body with threaded replaceable jet nozzles. The nozzles (.625” ID) are configured with eight pointing down and eight pointing out for maximum cleaning effectiveness. The nozzles are available with Carbide inserts if the job calls for more than 20 BPM. This robust tool is equipped with standard drill pipe connections for easy insertion into a clean-up or drilling string. Available with connections on both ends or a built in Bull Plug on the end.


The tool is run with the jets open at all times and therefore is generally short tripped. A Flow Check Sub should be run immediately below to optimize its effectiveness. When combined with the Filter Tool below it on a designated wear bushing retrieval run, the wellhead profile is hydro blasted and dislodged solids are captured, preventing them from falling into the wellbore.

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