SHARP BOP jetting sub cleans debris

SHARP BOP jetting sub cleans debris


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The  SHARP BOP jetting sub cleans debris from BOP ram cavities by creating a fluid vortex. Compared to conventional jetting tools that unintentionally force debris into the ram cavities, this tool pulls debris out of the ram cavities and away from the BOP via the fluid vortex. This design eliminates the risk of damaging the BOP annular preventer element and enables a higher flow rate. The BOP jetting sub is part of the SHARP  suite of wellbore cleaning tools.


Features and Benefits 

• Unique jetting profile creates a vortex that pulls debris away from BOP ram cavities. 

• Jet flow profile eliminates the risk of damaging the BOP annular preventer element. 

• New design enables a higher flow rate compared to conventional jetting tools. 


BOP / Wellbore Jetting Tools have been developed as the next step in the evolution of effective wellbore cleaning and debris removal. The unique BOP / Wellbore Jetting Tool range has been created in conjunction with our field proven Bull Nose Jetting Sub.



BOP / Wellbore Jetting Tool can be run on its own or combined with our Bull Nose Jetting Sub and creates a fluid vortex which pulls debris out of the BOP Ram cavities and forces it upwards. Due to the unique design of the tool it can be run at much higher flow rates compared to conventional designs allowing an effective cleaning or debris removal operation to be carried out.


The additional jetting ports installed in the top of the jetting tool provide increased flow rate, turbulence and creates a vortex to force cuttings back into the flow path so they can be carried upwards towards the surface.


To maximise debris removal from the BOP or Wellbore we recommend running the  jetting tool with magnets as part of an assembly. Please contact us for further details.



Tool OD

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NC 50




NC 50




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