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Expandable Mill

Clean casing ID after perforation and minimize casing wear with deactivated blades

The Sharp Razor expandable mill removes perforating burrs and other debris from the inside diameter (ID) of the casing during post-perforating operations. This operation is essential to ensure successful installation of completion equipment. This mill deburrs while minimizing casing wear during prolonged rotation by retracting the mill’s blades.

Tungsten carbide coated blades are arranged to achieve 360° contact with the ID without requiring pipe rotation. Ball-drop deactivation retracts the blades away from the casing wall as needed when the cleaning operation is complete. Full flow is maintained through the tool throughout the operation.


Post-perforation, before completion hardware installation

Conventional oil and gas

Unconventional hydrocarbons

Wellbore cleanup

Features and Benefits

  • Ball-drop-deactivated blades

  • Minimizes casing wear during prolonged rotation

  • Full flow to bit after deactivation

  • Maximizes circulation

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with no external fasteners

  • Eliminates risk of leaving small parts downhole

  • Spring-supported mill blade

  • Maintains consistent contact with casing ID

  • Unique staggered mill blade configuration with 360° coverage

  • Effectively cleans casing ID

  • Self-centralizing tool

  • Ensures proper deburring of perforations

  • Designed to be rotated and reciprocated

  • Can be run in conjunction with Baker Hughes wellbore cleanup tools

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