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Wellbore Test Packer

Perform reliable negative test in same trip as wellbore cleanup operations in deep wells

The Sharp Razor wellbore test packer can perform a negative inflow test on liner tops in the same trip as wellbore cleanup or displacement operations. It eliminates the need for a designated run with a retrievable packer.

The enhanced ball-activated safety mechanism eliminates premature setting in deep and deviated well applications when high compressive loads are applied. The wellbore test packers can be set multiple times in one trip, allowing the packer to be tested and an inflow test to be performed.


Conventional oil and gas

Deep water

Deviated wells

Liner top integrity test with wellbore cleanup or displacement

Features and Benefits

  • Allows wellbore cleanup or displacement and liner test to be conducted in a single trip

  • Saves operational time and cost

  • Ball-activated safety mechanism

  • Prevents premature setting

  • Large bypass area

  • Allows for rapid deployment

  • Simple to operate, with multiple resets

  • Reduces operational time

  • High torque and tensile capabilities

  • Increases reliability

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