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BOP Jet Sub

Clean blowout preventers effectively

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The Sharp Razor blowout preventer (BOP) jet sub is used to clean the valves in the BOP through high-rate jetting. It can be run together with a wide variety of Sharp Razor tools to perform one-trip well cleanup.

The jet sub is run into the hole at closed position, allowing circulation through the bottom. After the other operations are completed, a restriction plug can be dropped from surface into the piston to shift the sleeve open, allowing the wellbore fluid to be pumped through the BOP jet nozzles. A nozzle in the restriction plug will still allow flow through the bottom of the drill string.


Deep water

Conventional oil and gas

BOP cleaning

Wellbore cleanup


Features and Benefits

  • Simple and robust design

  • Allows reliable and easy operation

  • Screw-in jet nozzles can easily be changed

  • Provides flexibility

  • Carbide nozzle in restriction plug allows fluid to be pumped at open position to bottom

  • of workstring

  • Increases reliability

  • Internal fishneck allows plug to be retrieved by wireline if needed

  • Improves efficiency

  • Works with other tools to form one-trip cleaning system

  • Saves time and cost

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