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D Roto-Vert Tubing Scraper

Clean tubing ID with cost-effective solution

The Sharp Razor SR D roto-vert tubing scraper provides a safe, efficient, and economical method of removing any obstructions such as mud, rust, scale, paraffin, and other types of coating from the inside diameter (ID) wall of tubing.

The tubing scraper, which can be deployed on tubing or wireline, is normally run with a bit or mill dressed to drift. The scraper has 360° coverage and does not require rotation to clean the inside of the tubing.

The SP D roto-vert tubing scraper is available for 2 7/8-in. to 4-in. tubing sizes.


Conventional oil and gas

Unconventional hydrocarbons

Tubing ID cleaning

Wellbore cleanup

Features and Benefits

  • Simple and robust design

  • Allows easy and reliable operation

  • 360° coverage

  • Provides cost-effective casing cleaning solution

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