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360° Clean Bore Casing Scraper

Clean casing interiors efficiently and reliably

The simple and robust Sharp Razor 360° clean bore casing scraper cleans casing through reciprocation or rotation. It removes cement, mud, rust, scale, paraffin, and other restrictions from the inside wall of casing, significantly mitigating the completion and production risks and costs.

Operators benefit from the solid piece of heat-treated alloy steel that makes up the casing scraper mandrel. The hard-faced blades provide endurance and maximum service life. The blade arrangement provides full 360° contact with the casing inner diameter for better cleaning.

The 360° clean bore casing scraper is available in 41/2-in. to 13 3/8-in casing sizes.

Contact Sharp Razor team to find out how the Sharp Razor 360° clean bore casing scraper can help you effectively clean casing interiors.


Conventional oil and gas

Unconventional hydrocarbons

Wellbore cleanup

Features and Benefits

Hard-faced blades

   Provides endurance and maximum service

Cleans through rotation or reciprocation

   Provides better cleaning efficiency

Simple design

   Allows easy operation

High-strength one-piece steel body

   Increases reliability

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