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Daily Newss: Periodic Waterflooding in Ansai Oilfield of Changqing for Scrap Gold

Pub Date:Nov 24, 2020    |    Views:191    |    

On November 17, news came from The Geological Research Institute of Ansai Oilfield in Changqing, aiming at the water injection unit with a serious problem of rising water cut. Based on the overall treatment, this oilfield implemented periodic water injection on the scale of 1,867 oil Wells, which resulted in a cumulative increase of 44,000 tons of oil, a precipitation of 66,000 cubic meters, a decrease of 298,000 cubic meters of water injection, and a regional decrease of 2.8%.

In recent years, with the aim of "expanding swept volume and controlling water and stabilizing oil", ansaie Oilfield has gradually formed a periodic water injection adjustment technology based on "scientific well selection and layer selection, reasonable system determination, enhanced effect evaluation and optimized system adjustment", which has realized the development from single well scattered cycle water injection to inter-well arrangement and the overall strength alternates.

Combined with heterogeneity, formation energy, the seepage characteristics, the development phase, the form of well pattern, parameters such as porosity, ansai oilfield, using reservoir engineering and numerical simulation, well test analysis and other means, to determine the water injection timing and water injection cycle, cycle, formed the development indexes, well test data, the degree of water flooding characteristics, use, energy change five analysis standard, further adapted to different reservoir types of cyclic waterflooding technology, become old stabilizing oil is one of the principal means of water control in oil fields.

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