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Daily News: TruLink Service--Schlumberger

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Speed. Accuracy. Durability. From tophole to TD, TruLink service delivers continuous confirmation of BHA location and lithology identification while averting washouts and sustaining wellbore trajectory.

Cuttings accumulation while building the curve hinder ROP and threaten stick pipe, particularly when stopping to take a survey. TruLink service limits that risk by eliminating the need to stop for surveys and the associated survey time—and does it in the vertical, the curve, and the lateral.

Multiply 9 to 12 minutes per stand, and that’s how much time is saved on your wellbore using TruLink service. Definitive dynamic surveying reduces all survey-related rig time to zero.

TruLink service incorporates new telemetry innovations that enable up to 20 bps. Advanced drilling dynamics include three-axis shock and vibration and turbine power. Geological accuracy is refined using gamma ray and electromagnetic resistivity in combination with continuous six-axis directional and inclination sensors.

True real-time data means a tighter, more accurate curve in the most complex 3D well profiles where sustaining directional control—both inclination and azimuth—is required, while minimizing tortuosity that typically accompanies doglegs. In short, TruLink service enables a faster, more accurate trip to TD.

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