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Daily News: National Energy Administration: Optimize Rural Energy Supply Structure And Promote Rural Energy Reform

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National Energy Administration: Optimize Rural Energy Supply Structure And Promote Rural Energy Reform

This afternoon, the State Council held a press conference on the decisive battle against poverty in the energy sector. Zhang Jianhua, director of the National Energy Administration, introduced the decisive battle against poverty in the energy sector and took your questions. He said that rural revitalization is a continuation of the fight against poverty. To achieve rural revitalization is an important plan made by the 19th NATIONAL Congress of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC), and it is also the overall focus of the work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

To this end, the National Energy Administration has given preliminary consideration to three aspects:

First, we will continue to consolidate our achievements in poverty alleviation. An important task of the Energy Administration is to focus on photovoltaic poverty alleviation. Besides construction, photovoltaic poverty alleviation should also focus on operation and maintenance to ensure long-term and stable benefits. At the same time, we should continue to pay attention to the infrastructure construction of rural power grid to provide a high quality of power supply and service level. In addition, we need to support the central and western regions and develop their energy resources. Most of our resources are still in the central and western regions. Hydropower, coal power, oil and gas are all in the West, so we need to give priority to development.

Second, we will optimize the energy supply structure in rural areas. We will focus on developing some clean energy sources locally, mainly wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass. While meeting the demand for cleaner production and living conditions, we will help build beautiful villages and protect green mountains and clean waters.

Third, promote the reform of rural energy. Clean and intelligent is a future direction of rural energy reform. In rural energy consumption, we should further increase the proportion of electricity, reduce the burning of bulk coal, promote clean heating, and realize the use of rural waste energy, such as biogas. At the same time, in line with the development of smart energy technologies, we are ready to support a number of demonstration projects for the rural energy revolution in the whole county. Pilot projects will be carried out in selected areas before being rolled out nationwide.

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