COMBO Type Casing Scraper

COMBO Type Casing Scraper


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COMBO Type Casing Scraper

1. Introduction

COMBO type casing scraper and GGQM/QC are used in conjunction, the annular scraper and the lower scraper can be internal and external expansion automatically according to the thickness of the casing wall dirt, to scrape dirt layer-by-layer. At the same time between scraper and spindle to turn to each other. The mandrel and the outer tube by using spline connection, can realize the torque transmission.

2.Structure Drawing


3. Technical data:

TypeMaximum Outside Diameter of body mm(in)Max Diameter of Scraper mm(in)Hydrophthal mia mm(in)Total Length mm(in)Connection 
COMBO 5105(4.13)127(5)25⑴2000(78.7)NC31
COMBO 6.5138(5.43)158(6.22)40(1.61)2798(110)NC38
COMBO 7148(5.82)170(6.69)40(1.61)2798(110)NC38
COMBO 9.5210(8.26)229(9)70(2.76)2821(111)NC50

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