CLEAN TBCT Two Ball Circulation Tool

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Two-Ball Circulation Tool

Boosts circulation rates in holes with long liners and small-ID strings


• Mud conditioning operations where no liner top is available to accept

the set-down weight required to operate mechanical circulation tools

• Flushing blowout preventer(s) when pulling a drilling bottomhole

assembly out of hole

Features and Benefits

• The tool is simple to operate and withstands any environment.

• A large flow area significantly reduces pump pressures seen when

pumping to the liner.

• Multiple subs can be run to enable more than one open and close

cycle, which increases displacement flexibility.

Tool Description

The CLEAN TBCT two-ball circulation tool (TBCT) provides a simple, effective

way to boost circulation rates where pressure restrictions are caused

by long liners and small ID strings. This simple ball-activated sub can be

positioned in the string above the liner top. One operating ball is used to

open the sub to the annulus, which enables increased pump rates that aid

hole cleaning and mud conditioning. Once the operation requiring high

pump rates is completed, the sub can be closed by dropping the second

ball, which closes the tool and resumes flow to the bit.


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