heavy-duty KING-MAGTM string magnet

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The heavy-duty KING-MAGTM string magnet is a wellbore clean-up tool especially designed 

for casing exits and milling operations. A robust design with no moving parts and a solid mandrel 

ensure that the KING-MAGTM HD is capable of withstanding the extreme downhole conditions 

experienced during milling operations. Built on the proven design of the cleaning technology, the heavy-duty KING-MAGTM provides efficient removal of ferrous debris.

One-piece mandrel, no weak service connection

Large fluid bypass

No moving parts

No internal bearings or wear parts

Full 360° stabilization

Magnet elements integrated in the tool

Extreme magnetic area, magnets covered in stainless steel to make cleaning easy

Stabilizer sleeves looked in place using patent pending technology

Available in size 5,75” OD

Soon available in size 8,30” OD

Custom made for milling operations

Full drill pipe strength

Excellent cleaning capabilities due to extreme magnet range

Multiple Innomag® HD on one string decrease number of runs

Easy cleaning and low maintenance

Cleaning during or after milling

During casing exits

Prior to running completions to clean the well

Run as a part of drill string when doing a washing or circulation run

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