Junk Trapper and catch

Junk Trapper and catch

The Junk Trapper is a multi-functional junk collection tool used to retrieve a wide assortment of materials left downhole. It is also used as a wellbore gauge and to polish liner tops. The Junk Trapper and catchcan easily be cleaned on the rig and re-run. Critical Features Three operations in one run: junk removal, full gauge of wellbore and dress liner tops. In tandem Junk Trappers™ can be used to clean the c...

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Junk Trapper and  catch

OneSalvage cup usually pick up on the drill bit or milling tool, with its collection of cups will circulate in borehole couldn't recovered heavier small falling objects.It can also be used for casing scraper above, make the casing scraper operation is fast and clean.


TwoSalvage cup salvage fragments falling object is mainly used in drilling process, such as cemented carbide teeth, bit bearing, etc.It is to keep the bottom clean, improve the service life of drill bit, drill bit to reduce and prevent accidental damage plays an important role.



Salvage cup is mainly composed of spindle, wiper block, outer tube, the joint and so on, as shown.Because the manufacturer is different, although its structure is similar, but not exactly the same, can be selected according to downhole conditions.

二、 Theory


Salvage cup at work, downhole drilling cuttings by drilling fluid flow from the drill string out of the outer space, arrived at cup cone, due to the annulus suddenly become bigger, drilling fluid flow rate drop, heavy debris to get inside the cup, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning bottom hole.

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