Hydraulic casing scraper

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Before completion string into the well, to be on the inside casing packers, and other hydraulic anchor packer position scraper operations. Flow area of conventional scraper with the annular space can not meet the requirements for mud wells, requiring scraping the wall from a string and then carried down into the well string pass through wells, wash well and for the pulp operations, which led to repeated tripping drilling, completion efficiency low. In this regard, I developed a hydraulic scraper flushing integration tools.

Tools into the well, scraping the wall, close scraper, wash well, for the pulp and other tools in accordance with design is completed, the column will be completed trip scraper, wash well, for the pulp operations.

Using this tool, originally scraper and wash wells drilled from under twice the combined operations, not to mention the string after scraping the wall can be carried out through the flushing and for pulp operations, improve efficiency and a successful completion rate.

How it works: In the bottom of the wall is connected to the wiper switch sleeve, scraping the wall at the end of the required diameter, for pulp, wash well and other operations, from the wellhead to the pitching sleeve tee switch by pressing after scraping the inner column on the wall is moved towards the two outer cylinder extending scraper blade pressed back cavity. Continue pressing the switch on the sleeve loop holes open, due to the recovery after the blade so that the area of the annulus between the casing scraping the wall with the increases, improved for pulp, flushing efficiency, so that the original need for tripping twice tube job column can be completed once go down operations, reduce tripping times and reduce operating costs.

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