Wellbore cleaning

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A clean well is essential prior to running expensive and sensitive completion strings or other debris sensitive equipment. Therefore removal, collection of debris and verification of debris removal are extremely important in a wellbore. These operations can be optimized by the Sharp-Razor Wellbore Cleaning equipment.

Sharp-Razor™ Casing Scraper is a mechanical tool for clean and polishes the casing or liner ID to remove mud solids, cement sheath, scale and perforation burrs in any wellbore.

The Sharp-Razor™ Casing Scraper can be integrated as a part of a complete wellbore cleaning tool string used during displacement process prior to 
running completion. It can be rotated and reciprocated without fear of damage to casing or tool due to the rugged design and the fact that it doesn’t contain external bolts that could work loose under extreme conditions.

A Sharp-Razor™ Casing Scraper tool consists of a one-piece Body, non-rotating Stabiliser and Scraper assembly. The main mandrel rotates through the stabiliser and Scraper assembly to avoid wear or damage to the casing during drill string rotation. The Scraper assembly is self-centralising inside the casing or liner to ensure equal cleaning at all well conditions. It’s also rough, flexible and has the force needed remove and clean 360 degrees without rotation.

The tool is suitable for HPHT wells and can withstand chemical or acid attack.

Typical applications
— Cleaning debris from wellbores in any wellbore cleanup operations
— Post perforation cleaning
— Cleaning after side track operations
— When cleaning is required in drilling operations

— One piece mandrel
— Non rotating stabilizers
— Non rotating scraper sleeve
— No external nuts or bolts
— Standard drill pipe connections
— Extra Large bypass areas for eliminating flow restrictions

— Clean 360 degrees without rotation
— Eliminates casing wear
— High strength mandrel
— Simple to run
— Multiple run possible
— Withstand drilling and milling operations whatsapp:+8613379187081 Online Service