Sharp Razor™ String Mill/Watermelon Mill

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Sharprazor watermelon/String mills are designed to enlarge the hole,open up windows,mill through collapsed casing,polish liner polished bore,clean up perforation section,,restore casing drift and downsize debris generated during cased hole milling or drilling applications.


Our String mills have a tapered top and bottom to allow upward and downward reaming.it has spiraled blades welded with crushed tungsten carbide,full 360° wrap .


Sharprazor string mils use cutting-edge technology, top experienced engineers in this scope to guarantee the quality.Standard sizes from 3-1/2’’to 28’’,and customized specification is available to suit specific operational requirements.



1Tapered top and bottom to allow reaming up and down(more efficient)

2Spiral blades dressed with crushed tungsten carbide

3Full 360° wrap at maximum OD



Reaming upwards and downwards

Extending whipstock windows

Restore casing drift and downsize debris

Milling through collapsed casing

Polish liner polished bore

Perforation section cleaning

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