Grand-Mix™ (GM) Combination casing cleaning tools

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Grand-Mix™ (GM) Combination casing cleaning tools


Grand-Mix™ (GM) consists of the latest generation scraper, brush and high capacity magnet, combined them into a simplified and rugged tool, which has an integral magnet section to capture ferrous debris, scrapers to dislodge difficult to-remove debris, and brushes to disturb the sheath and any other fluid build-up on the inner wall of the casing or liner. The tool can be run in the inner production riser, casing, and liner to remove a combination of scale, rust, mud film, drilling debris, ferrous debris, and pipe dope.


  • One tool carries scrapers, brushes, or magnets on the same mandrel.

  • Large flow area between magnets to capture large debris.

  • Brush component can be readily redressed at remote locations.

  • Available with any tubing connection to run directly on the completion tubing.


The Grand-Mix™ can be configured for any Casing and Tubing combination with matching metallurgy and connections



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