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Giant-Mag™ is a wellbore clean-up magnet suitable for all downhole conditions and with robust, high performance features, is designed to recover large volumes of ferrous debris to ensure the integrity of the wellbore cleanup. The magnet features a large magnetic surface area along with discrete flow channels to combine higher magnet strength with greater volume to optimize recovery.


  • Compact design- Single piece mandrel. 

  • High strength rare earth magnets.

  • Fixed stabilizer sleeve to provide stand off when POOH. 

  • Optional dedicated flow channel to prevent flow path restrictions when packed full of debris



  • Removable magnets for body inspection . 

  • Recovered material is easily removed on location.

  • High temperature rating on magnets up to 350%F (177°C) . 

  • Debris channels allow for larger volume of ferrous material to accumulate.


Run separately or as part of a comprehensive wellbore clean-up, which designed to capture ferrous metal debris in the wellbore. or as an integral part of the drillstring during wellbore preparation operations.

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