KrinBack™ Casing Brush

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KrinBack™ Casing Brush


KrinBack™  utilizes a unique lantern design that provides greater brush life. This lantern design also allows easy, remote location redressing when required, saving time and delivering a higher level of service. The tool's effective, robust, and flexible design allows for complex operations.


  • Brush cleaning life prolonged during rotation . 

  • Self-centralizing, flexible-brush lantern .

  • Available in all common casing/ liner sizes.

  • Supplied with drill-pipe box-up/ pin-down connections .

  • Brush pads can easily be replaced on location.


  • Pre-completion/Drill-Stem Test (DST) and workover cleanup operations.

  • Can be used as an integral part independently, or as a part of COMBO Wellbore Cleanup tools. 

  • Can be rotated and reciprocated without damage to either the casing or the tool.

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