Sharp-Razor™(SR) Non-rotating Casing Scraper

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Sharp-Razor™(SR) Non-rotating Casing Scraper



Sharp-Razor™(SR) Non-rotating Casing Scraper used for wellbore cleanup and casing scraping operations, with the new-generation improvement in integral blade design, it is more effective, more robust and safer for most complex wellbore condition.


  • Non-rotating, 360° coverage, self centralizing metal-bladed lantern.

  • Integral blade manufactured from a single billet, one piece mandrel.

  • Optional mill ring for cement removing request.

  • Available with all API and premium drill pipe connections.

  • Easy to replace the blade cage.


  • Removes cement sheath, burrs, and pipe scale.

  • Pre-completion wellbore clean-up.

  • Workovers and sidetracking.

  • Abandonment.

  • Drilling / milling cement plugs.

some wellbore cleanup string 

WellBore Cleanout Tools for 9 5/8” 7” & 4 ½” casing

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Casing weights are as follows:

9-5/8” 40 ppf

7” 23 -26 ppf and 29 ppf

4-1/2” 12.6 ppf

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