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The Development of Sharprazor Series Casing Scraper

Pub Date:Mar 29, 2019    |    Views:147    |    

According to statistics, at least over 20% of failed completion operation blame to the debris that being left in the wellbore.In the completion operation the wellbore cleanliness directly affects the success of subsequent key operations such as packer setting.


Think about what will happen

-the whole operation will delay, the delivery time have to postpone

-the unknown potential damage for the well

-the additional cost must increase


Therefore there is potential big market for wellbore cleanup tools.We produce the casing scraper,brushes,magnets,String mills etc.


--Rotating Casing Scraper-

From the very start,we offer the rotating casing scraper to our customer and according to the feedback ,we find the Rotating type can easily damage the wellbore during the operation.And then,we update the Non-rotating type.


--Non-Rotating Casing Scraper-the norminal type.

It has integral blade design,when scraping, the body is rotating while the blade not.It greatly reduced the damage to the wellbore.


--Heavy Duty Casing Scraper

We got feedback from our client, due to the more complicated well condition,they need the casing scraper with a higher RPM and weight-on-bit rating.It occurs to our research and development group man,and we developed a HD type which has high strength and meet the requirement of more complex condition.



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