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Pre-completion Well bore clean out

Pub Date:Mar 22, 2019    |    Views:168    |    

During the completion operation process,the cleanliness of wellbore directly affects the success or failure of subsequent key operations such as packer setting. Therefore, a new type of "four-in-one" combination string is adopted in scraping and washing well operation, one string to complete multiple wellbore cleaning indexes. Wellbore cleaning "four in one" operation concept is to design special well washing tool combination, complete the complete wellbore cleaning and filtering thoroughly before completion. Achieve the well scraping, replacement completion fluid, wellbore completion fluid filtration, blowout preventer and wellhead washing, improve wellbore cleanliness and operating efficiency, and reduce operational risks.


Sharprazor Wellbore clean up tools can put into this system,in a complete string ,using casing scraper to scrape perforating burrs,cement sheath ,and pipe scale,the brush tools has similar function,and the magnet to catch the metal debris etc.

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