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Pub Date:Mar 08, 2019    |    Views:73    |    

Recently, Kuwait petroleum company (KOC) officially awarded the contract of two 750 workover RIGS for the Great Wall drilling Kuwait project, with a contract term of 5 years. This is another significant development in Kuwait market after the company won the bid of KOC logging project last year. It is also the first time for the company to make a substantial breakthrough in the Kuwaiti drilling and workover market, which is a key step for the company to further expand the Kuwaiti market.



The Kuwait petroleum engineering technology service market has developed rapidly in recent years, the market scale expands unceasingly. At the same time, international well-known oil technology service companies, Chinese companies, private enterprises and other companies have flooded into Kuwait, coupled with the local companies of the same kind, the competition is increasingly fierce, especially the price competition into the white heat. The multiple rounds of negotiation and bid evaluation adopted by KOC have increased the difficulty of quotation. Iraq comprehensive project department (responsible for custody of Kuwait project), through tracking and efforts in recent years, Under the guidance of the relevant leaders of the company and the international business department (i.e. the former market management department, production coordination department, etc.), through careful investigation, objective analysis and scientific decision-making, we finally won the bid with perfect technical scheme and reasonable business quotation.


The success of the tender shows that Chinese companies have strength and and develpable potentials. SHARPRAZOR, as a young Chinese private enterprise, also set the example of excellent international companies and focused on producing wellbore cleaning tools. The Casing scraper's production has undergone several generations of update and improvement, and developed HD series, Hydraulic series, RIGID series, Super series and so on. At the same time, String Mill of our company also introduces advanced technology and experience of halliburton, and is committed to improving user experience. After several years of rapid development, our Casing Scrapers, Brushes, and Milling tools(such as Watermelon mill(string mill),junk mill,Flat-Bottom Mill Shoe etc) are sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.With successful downhole operation, we obtain plenty of good feedback from our clients. In 2019, SHARPRAZOR will continuously improve its technology and innovation to provide our customers with higher quality and better service.



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